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Design your own custom face mask. For sizing-instructions read the full description

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Try our 3D form fitting face masks.

Want to promote your business? Why not put your company logo on your face mask? We can produce that for you here at Kapinua. All we need to do is upload your company logo 

Buy one of our in-house designed face masks or come talk to us about custom designs, we’ll be happy to help.

Message us if you want more info and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Sizing: to best establish the required sizes measure your face as indicated in picture 4 and 5 above. To establish the dimension as in picture 4, put some tape or rope and across your nose going from one ear to the other (like shown with the white tape). Measure the length required. Measure the distance between the point of your nose and the bottom of your chin. We recommend size M for people where the distance from ear to ear is between 28cm and 32cm and the distance between chin and nose is about 8cm-10cm. If your measurements are below or above choose size accordingly. The A and B dimensions given, are the Physical dimensions of the Mask.

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