Standard garment prices.

Each garment style comes with a set price.  When  ordering a quantity of more than 10 per garment style, the set price will reduce by 10% for that style.


Larger sized garments.

When ordering garments sized 3XL to 5XL or 18 to 22 NZD 5.75 will be added to the set price.


Upload your own graphics for free.

When you are in the online designer you are able to upload as many of your own graphics from your computer for free, there will be no additional charges for these to the garments' set price.


Using the graphics library.

If you don't have your own graphics to upload, you may choose any of the graphics available in our library and use them to create your garment design.  There are two options in the graphics library, some of the graphics will be free, you are free to use them as many times as you like and on as many garments as you like. Other graphics in the library will have a price stated (top right corner), if you wish to use these, the graphic price will be charged one per garment, you may use the graphic multiple times on that same garment for no extra cost.


Graphic size and colours.

There are no extra costs to how big your graphics are on the garment, or how many colours you use.


Our minimum order is one.

We produce every garment from 1 to 100, to 1,000 and more, all individually just for you!

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