The Takaka, Duffle Bag

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NZ$ 51.31

Tax excl.

Customized carry on bag.

About fabrics

If you are a frequent traveller who loves to go on weekends, or if you are a busy person who always carries a change of clothes just in case, you can´t miss the duffle bag.
A large and comfortable bag to carry, specially designed to be your carry-on baggage. And the best thing about this bag is that you can design it with the image and colours you want!
You can print it on the entire surface, put the strips of different colours, in short, customize it completely. In addition to this, we print it on a waterproof and easy to clean fabric!
You no longer have to worry if you lean on the floor and it is dirty or wet, all your belongs will be isolated from dust and moisture.
What do you waiting for to start design?

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